Alert Levels

Our Alert Levels Explained

No current activity. Responders are stood down with no likelihood of a deployment required at present time.

Responders are notified by Control that a pending or current emergency has occured and may require our assistance. From this point, Responders ensure their vehicle is available and keep a watch on news reports and communication from the Controller for future updates on the developing situation.

This is a higher level of standby meaning deployment is imminent. Control will check the availability of Responders for an imminent deployment. Responders will supply an ETA if available and ensure their vehicle is loaded with all necessary equipment required, vehicle has sufficient fuel, mobile phone is fully charged up, food and drinks available in case of sustained deployment and personal equipment is ready for imminent deployment. Close watch is kept out for a deployment update from the Controller. Responders unavailable to attend should, by this point, either confirm unavailability or provide an ETA when they will likely be available to deploy.

By this point Control will have sent out immediate deployment notification to available Responders with location details. An emergency situation requires Hertfordshire 4×4 Response assistance and a deployment is now in progress with Responders making their way to the incident. All Responders should, if possible, make themselves available for call out if not already deployed in the event further resource is required. Responders will remain deployed until placed on a lower level of alert.